5-minute healthy dessert ideas + hacks

Everyone seemed to love my healthy breakfast ideas, so I'm back with some amazing time-saving food hacks, recipes and ideas! Everyone wants to be healthy, but unfortunately, time isn't on everyone's side. I'm here to help! It's possible to be healthy, create delicious food and save time all at once. Let's get into it! 1... Continue Reading →

5-minute healthy breakfast ideas

In this day and age, we're increasingly seeing plenty of amazing-looking, healthy breakfasts online. However, a lot of us have busy schedules, and often need a quick breakfast option, meaning we have the tendency to have little or nothing for breakfast! With my ideas, skipping breakfast won't be an option. Yes, it is possible to... Continue Reading →

How To Cope With Moving Away

Last year I had a big and unexpected move. Yes, moving was a chance to have a fresh start, open up a new chapter of my life, and a world of possibility. But moving involved saying goodbye to the place I called home, as well as my friends and family. Let me tell you, it... Continue Reading →

Simple at-home photography ideas

Photo-shoot goals! Here are some amazing photography ideas and hacks for your next photo-shoot. They are super simple, fun, and easy to pull off! Let's get into it! Fairy Lights Fairy lights are by far one of the most simple and beautiful photography options. If you don't own them, they are very inexpensive to purchase.... Continue Reading →

How to Spoil your Mum

It's that special time of year again. Where we all spoil our Mums for Mothers Day. Here are some tips bring joy to your Mum today. Breakfast in Bed Breakfast in bed is always a favourite. Just bring in her favourite breakfast or even just a cup of tea/coffee. That will start the day with... Continue Reading →

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